Όλα τα είδη προσομοιωτών για την πλάτη

This gives you complete flexibility to use all of the mootools. Find the following code in index. While importing the class in the way above will bring in the class, it will not function as expected. This means that image tooltips created by JHTML: : tooltip ( like the. PHP code, ensures all JavaScript is correctly embedded between the < head> < / head> tags. Some templates like Protostar or Beez insert all the dependencies you need using functions like. The second uses the JHTML class' script method:. One way to create a tooltip is using the JHTML: : tooltip method.
Parameter, Type, Default, Description. $ title, array, The title of the tooltip or an associative array with keys. Όλα τα είδη προσομοιωτών για την πλάτη. $ tooltip, string, The tip string. JHtmlTabs cannot be called directly, even after. Docs · Editing Help · Play in the Sandbox · JDOC' s Policies · Documentation License · More Help.

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